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Отголоски дендрофилии

Rabbit's Moon (Kenneth Anger, 1950) 1979

Rabbit's Moon is a short avant-garde film directed by Kenneth Anger in the style of both mime and Kabuki theatre. The title refers to the Japanese myth about a rabbit on the moon. The story focuses on Pierrot trying to obtain the unattainable moon. Harlequin appears and entertains Pierrot with sword play, juggling, and dance. Pierrot remains distraught, so Harlequin summons Columbina to help uplift Pierrot.

и это в то время пока Буратино занимается земельными инвестициями в размере 5-ти золоых

Although the film was originally made in 1950, two further cuts were created, one in 1972 and another in 1979, both with different soundtracks. This is the 1979 edit.
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