umkaumka (umkaumka) wrote in ru_umka,

Перевод от Натслы. Угадайте, какая это песня?

I'm a tomboy, I play breeches parts
> Hanging out with myself, ever-lonely
> So whoever will help me to pAss
> The night that is creeping upon me
> Who will lay here tonight
> In this space, warm and cozy
> Between me and the wall
> As long as this wall is my own
> Who will make things alright
> With this strange, this delusional feeling
> Who will grant me the feeling
> That I am not alone
> I'm alone
> Even the wall's not for long
> It's (all) temporAry, and then
> I('ll) start running again
> From a friend to another - again
> Sleeping alone is so hard
> That's not because I'm that slutty
> I (just) wanna hear somebody's heart
> Wanna feel the warmth of your body
> etc
> For the Pain, it is promised in Hell
> And I'll open the Pearly Gates
> But I wOn't come to you, I can tell
> So go get me, before it's too late
> You, who'll lay here tonight etc
Tags: переводы
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