May 15th, 2010

  • wmc63

Umka's Kindness- Wind Sweeping Across Globe

 Following a chance meeting in Chicago's "O'Hairyport," I've stayed in touch with Umka.
After I asked how I could purchase her music, a package arrived packed with free CD's
and vinyl.  I read how she invites friends and friends of friends to her performances
without a cover charge.  How does she earn a living??  I feel like an embarrassed American
Umka is visiting the Chicago area next weekend with a performance in Milwaukee and, and,
and, a visit to . . . MY HOUSE!  Now, I am a humbled, embarrassed. . .
I've invited my neighbors to come meet and hear Umka.  One neighbor, originally from India,
emailed saying "I love this song!" with the following uTube link:
I watched and listened--beauty embraced me, kindness swept over me, and sadness (near
tears) swelled from within.  Yet, I am unable to comprehend a word of the lyrics (English is
enough of a challenge).  I sure hope the song isn't about kite flying, ice cream, and cute puppies 
because I'd be WAY off!  Anyway, I rushed to her CD's and compared words (compared symbols)
until I was pleased to find the song listed on her "Live in Churchill Music Pub CD from Februrary,
I feel very fortunate to have met this lovely person of the world.