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Умка, с «Новым составом»/«Броневиком» и без
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Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

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Дорогие мои,
к вам там приехало 10 пластинок. Для начала в Питер. Они У Леши velloun. Цена договорная, но не мен'ше 500 р. (бля где тут мягкий знак???) Скоро приедут к Кате chd в Москву еще 10. Потом еще привезем.
Я бы всем подарила, но, увы, надо отбиват'ся, дело такое.
Пластинка получилас' хорошо. Уфффф...
Мы счастливы.
Вышла виниловая пластинка "Closer Sessions".

Можно всех поздравить - сегодня вышла виниловая пластинка Умки и Бро ! На сайте издающего лейбла Porto Franco Records можно послушать два трека с этого альбома.
Perhaps you will recall meeting a couple at the airport while waiting to takeoff from
New York. I inquired about your band (scraggly hair and ragged clothing combined
with difficulty at airport security meant you must be a band) and you kindly gave
me one of your CD's. I thought you were providing a sample of 1 or 2 songs; but no,
you gave me an entire CD. Today, I listened to it in my car to and from my office in
downtown Chicago. I was BLOWN AWAY! Your music is awesome! Despite the
fact that I don't understand your lyrics (not being versed in Russia), your music
transcends language. I hear elements of rock, blues, reggae, military march (?),
and folk. Thank you for sharing your gift as a gift to me. I will not be checking this
site because I signed up only to get a message to you; however, you have my
phone number so please call when you are in Chicago!

Your new fan (along with my 13 yr old daughter who listened also),

Bill Clark

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